A beautiful smile makes a lovelier you

A surefire way to invalidate a pretty face on a flawless skin is to show a set of yellow teeth. While we are all encouraged to take care of our skin, there is no way we should at all take our teeth for granted. For one, it shows the kind of discipline you have grown up with.

Like all the other parts of the body that experience the wear and tear of aging, women are more susceptible to caries and dental issues. This is especially true for mothers who have given birth several times over. Nature will always, always give priority to the baby in the womb,which explains the wearing off of a mother’s teeth and bones during pregnancy. This is also why preggers are given vitamin supplements of iron and calcium and everything else to make sure that they will stay healthy.

Some may even opt for something like that of San Diego cosmetic dentistry . It’s just so much lovelier when the face staring back at you beams with a beautiful smile. 🙂

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