A User’s Testimonial on Organic Thanakha

My search for the right beauty product for my face went on for years and one friend even suggested that I ask a derma about my skin condition but derma visits are such a no-no to me. I never tried facials, those pricking thingy scares the hell out of me! not to mention that every visit to a dermatologist is expensive..

..then late last year, a good friend of mine Jennifer Aspacio offered an all natural solution to my problem, Organic Thanakha.

I used Thanakha facial cream for 45 days and noticed the huge difference on my facial skin.

Iris further quotes on the reasons why she loves Organic Thankha:
1. It’s all natural.
2. It’s very easy to use.
3. It didn’t make my face beet-red like most facial creams.
4. It gives amazing results.

The things I made sure that I told Iris follow, for her to maximize the benefits of Organic Thanakha:
1. Use Organic Thanakha for 45 days straight.
2. Keep away from non-organic facial creams or beauty product, if any, for the duration of use.
3. Breakouts may happen on the first couple of weeks. Organic Thanakha detoxifies the face. This explains the expulsion of embedded pimples that happen sometimes (but not all the time – I personally did not experience this, but some did). But they will clear out as soon as they appeared, revealing a smoother and clearer face.

Here’s the link to my Organic Thanakha page.


  1. Randy says:

    anong variety ng thanakha did you use? tnx tnx..

  2. badzy says:

    hi i’ve been using thanakha for 1.5 months. im experiencing breakouts, really a lot of zits came out. but the supplier said that it was normal and the skin will be clearer once the skin is cleansed. im worried that she’s just bluffing about the product to convince me to buy more.

    did you experience the same? please help thanks

  3. admin says:

    Hello Badzy! I guess the detoxification will take for as long as there are still toxins trapped in your skin. Just continue using it. I doubt that your supplier is bluffing and the intention is to sell you more of the cream. The reason being, a tub of thanakha cream should last you 4 to 6 months, that is if you have the authentic kind. And by the time you’re done with your first tub, you should well be seeing your skin becoming a lot clearer. I haven’t had the same problem with my clients, so far.

  4. badzy says:

    she said that all pimples will come out because what thanakha does is to detoxify the skin, but after that all those stubborn pimples will no longer appear on my face.

    she said it would take months..i really pray that thanakha will solve my acne problem coz i’ve tried a lot of products and laser treatment but nothing treated my acne

    i bought the thanakha from MSLAL

    thanks 🙂

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