Avon launches Anew 360° White

Kikay Corner witnessed the launch of Avon’s Anew 360° White today held at Whitespace in Makati. Just when we thought ours was a society saturated with all kinds of whitening products, here comes Avon with its oh so promising, not-just-your-ordinary whitening beauty product – Anew 360° White. The skin breakthrough that Avon has come up with via Anew 360° White is really something else. It does not just claim to whiten your skin but it provides a whitening range that gives brighter, younger-looking, and vibrant skin that glows and whitens from within in as little as one week! And I’m just about to try this out for myself.

Avon’s Anew 360° White launch was opened by a song number by no less than the international singer and theater actress and Anew Ambassador Lea Salonga. For someone who is soon to hit 40, she does look so young! And what girl does not want that, right? There was no trace of exhaustion on her face given the fact that she just got home yesterday from series of concerts in America. And Lea proudly attributes her timeless beauty to Anew. Apparently, she has been using a loyal Anew user since her Repertory days.

Why 360°? Avon presented a special panel to answer that question during the event. The panel was composed of Jacqueline Marcelo, Associate Category Manager for Avon Skincare, Southeast Asia Cluster and Dr. Uma Santhanam, Senior Manager for Cellular Biology and In-vitro Toxicology from the Avon Research & Development Facility in Suffern, New York. Ms. Salonga was also part of the panel and she shared the benefits she drew from using the product.

Anew 360° White introduces a 360° Whitality technology approach in whitening:

3 innovative ingredients that inhibit melanin

6 innovative ingredients that energize cells resulting to

0 dark spots, flawless skin

In simple words, the 360° whitening technology HELPS ERASE skin damage, TURNS OFF the production of sources of dark skin, and TURNS ON the skin’s energy.

Anew 360° White offers a complete skin whitality regimen that includes the Anew 360° White Protective and Vitalizing Creams (day and night creams), Clarifying Cleanser and Activating Lotion. The guests were given first dibs on the products as models sampled the Anew 360° White Protective and Vitalizing Creams.

“Wrinkles, dark spots and discolorations make you look older than your really are. Thankfully, I’ve discovered Anew 360° White. It has brightened and transformed my skin to its most vibrant and gave it a smoother, more youthful glow,” shared Ms. Salonga.

“Anew 360 White goes beyond the usual whitening. It gives you healthy, younger-looking, and vibrant glow that women have always wanted. Its breakthrough Whitality Technology discharges existing dark skin, inhibits all sources of dark skin production, and more importantly, energizes your skin cells giving you that glow from within,” said Ms. Marcelo.

“What makes Anew 360° White distinct from other whitening products is the 360° whitening technology, which enables the skin to whiten and glow from within. The efficacy of the product can be immediately seen after one week when 70% of our women respondents testified a dramatic improvement on their skin’s whitality,” said Dr Santhanam.

“Anew 360° White is another testament of Avon’s impassioned commitment to women. Every great skincare product from Avon is a woman’s skincare wish granted. As the company for women, Avon is attuned to women’s needs and our aim is to make sure that we deliver on those needs,” said Avon Regional Communications Head for Asia Pacific, Louie Migne.

Anew White has turned on the lights on white and skin whitality is the way to go for fairer skin that glows with vitality from within.


  1. Mich says:


    Thanks so much for sharing your post about the new Avon product and Anew Ambassador, Lea Salonga.

    Would you mind it if I repost your blog entry to the alt.fan.lea-salonga newsgroup so that other fans and supporters will know about this? or at least post a link to your blog entry?

    The url to the AFLS newsgroup is as follows, if you’d like to check it out: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.fan.lea-salonga/topics?hl=en

    Thank you!

  2. Demi says:

    I super love Avon’s 360 White product line. I bought it when I read this entry. When is Avon going to come up with another make up line? I will watch out for your posts. 🙂

  3. admin says:

    Will write a post on it as soon as I find out. 🙂

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