Brendan, is that you?

I was browsing through celebrity blogs and I chanced upon these pictures! I literally had to look closely because in all honestly, I have never seen Brendan Fraser this bald ever. I really am not certain if this was at all photoshopped. I am completely clueless.

Apparently, a whole bunch of showbiz personalities are doing hair transplant surgery and it shouldn’t be a surprise anymore. Today’s technology has never been better as opposed to the same surgery during its first generation. They do it today without a hint that you ever had gone through one. Ain’t that neat?

As for Brendan Fraser, as human as he is, I’m kind of leaning towards the the unlikelihood of anyone of his stature to go out in public looking all this forlorn. He is one of the Hollywood actors that I have grown to love. But truth be told, there are just too many actors who were not able to handle their fame. Here’s hoping Brendan ain’t one of them. 🙂

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