Celebrity Fashion

As the author of Kikay Corner, I am pretty fascinated myself when I get to meet personalities that I never thought I’d ever get to see, let alone have a chit chat with. It is a privilege and how I love when I realize that they are just a normal human beings despite the fact that they are in constant scrutiny from people of all walks of life.

As a woman, beauty has always been one of my major interests, which is basically why this blog was born. Kikay Corner is a beauty blog more than that of a fashion. I’m one of those girls who believe that style and fashion should not be dictated by any season. I go for individuality and if by chance I feel like dressing up a particular way that happens to be that of the current season’s fashion, then great. But If I’d rather strut in a so last season outfit, then I cannot care any less if I’d be an eye sore to the fashion police.

And if there is anything that I have noticed, celebrity fashion has also gone that road. For some reason, the personalities who make their own fashion statement earns my respect more than those who are copycats. Although by definition, whether local or foreign artists, showbiz personalities are practically public figures, so they are somewhat expected to dress a certain way. So, it is really not all them but can also be the packaging that their managers are having them carry. 

So there goes my random post on celebrities. Take a second look at the photo above. I find each of their fashion style (the women especially) a bit odd.  But who cares, right? As long as they are comfortable with how they look, then let’s just let them be. 🙂

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