Dainty fabrics for my couch

So I have been looking around some fabrics lately for our sofa set. We just had it reupholstered last year but for some reason the cream and chocolate colored leather mix isn’t doing it for me. It feels too contemporary stiff.  If there is at all such words to describe it. It makes our living area looks more like an office like a home.

I was looking through web pages and I saw these dainty fabrics for log furniture. That one on the left is my favorite. Just the kind of fabric that would make the house country cozy. Just what we might need to even out the heat that threats to toast our leather couch. Ack! It has been crazy hot these days and unless your house has centralized airconditioner, you might as well just stick to fabrics. But then again, the dust will be the number 1 enemy of fabrics. Either way, there are so many things to consider. Will probably just deliberate this one out with the hubby.

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