Honest to goodness review in 10 days

In 10 days I will be posting my honest to goodness review about the Mosbeau products that I have started using 5 days ago. I chose to drop my usual beauty regimen to make way for Kikay Corner’s brand new discovery.

I love that I am able to test these products that come my way. But at the end of the day, my leaning is still towards letting my readers know if the claims are true. At least on my skin. It does not always follow that it delivered a certain manner on my skin, it will be the same for the majority. After the 15 day review I’m doing on Mosbeau, next I’m looking into are wrinkle treatment reviews. I’m having my mom try out some products and she’s my ever willing subject. Might post on that in the coming weeks. 🙂


  1. polen says:

    so what’s your honest to goodness review about the Mosbeau products? is it really effective? any side effects?

  2. faye says:

    hi. been waiting for the Mosbeau honest to goodness review? So how was it? Planning to buy the 15-day bottle.

  3. […] 2010  beauty products I know it has been months since I told my readers that I was to post an honest to goodness review of Mosbeau. It took me a while because I honestly was still hoping somehow that a good result will happen […]

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