Just Jewels Jewelry Exchange

We girls just love jewelry. Not jewelries. Just like you don’t pluralize baggage and luggage. It’s the same with jewelry. Just a quick note. It’s always fun to learn a thing or two from time to time. 🙂

Moving on, I have started collecting jewelry when I was little. It all started when my mom got me this fancy pearl set for my birthday until I started collecting real ones. Gifts from my mom still until I started earning my own keep at 21.

Last April 21, I covered an event for Just Jewels for their launch of Designer Rings by Dawn Zulueta, Tessa Prieto-Valdez and Debbie. It is fun attending fancy events like these. I get to meet beautiful people and grand venues that are sometimes even adorned with glass mosaic tiles all over. One of the things that I especially took note during the Just Jewels Ring of Promise Event is their Jewelry Exchange program. Now we can finally get those jewelry (save for the heirlooms) out of those SDBs and exchange them for a trendier set. That’s just what I have in mind. You just might want to try Just Jewels. Will let you girls know how mine will turn out when I decide to get a set or two exchanged. 😉

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