Kikay blogging

Blogging about kikay stuff was the first thing that I have ever thought of when I was a newbie in the blogosphere. But I also knew that there were others who were far more experienced and have some level of authority in this niche. So I deleted my blogger account then- But the hubby just encouraged me to keep on, even as he saw friends are actually looking up to my sense of style and even asks for my beauty rituals. So I just thought I’d check if my old blogspot address was still available and it was, so I claimed it back again and as they say, the rest is history. 🙂

I for one, am not your ordinary girl who would try to please everyone. I dress the way I want to not because I’d hope to get the approval of someone. I happen to love my being a girl and all the lovely things that I can do – accessorize, dress up, make up, practically all the works. And somehow, my teachable spirit have got me to conform to a handful of influences from here and there. But it’s still me to stick to where I am comfortable in. There’s no way I’m willing to deviate from that. Although some may just tell me to go focus on my va job, where I am sometimes tasked to check some home insurance quote, I cannot linger on not blogging about anything kikay related. I’ve been kikay all my life and this is something that I will just have to go right back to, at the end of the day. 🙂

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