Mosbeau Event Photos

The president of Mosbeau Philippines, Mr. Gerford Balderas presenting to the online media a brief background of what Mosbeau is, its reputation in Japan, its credibility when it comes to skin whitening.

Placental Protein, which Mosbeau uses is claimed to be a whole lot better than Glutathione. And they are not saying this out of nothing. This is backed by scientific studies.

Anna of LipstickAddict and the author

Unlike Anna, who has used Mosbeau products, this is actually the first time I have encountered this skin whitening brand. I have started using the products already. I’m counting 15 days and I will then see if there will be any lightening that’s going to happen to my skin. The beach, plus the driving (especially my arms) have not exactly been very friendly to my poor skin. Let’s see if I can have my old color back in 15 days.

Meanwhile here are more photos of the event. I still have adult acne treatments to look into in the coming days. Not that I need the treatment. I’m actually looking for volunteers to have some products tested. Any takers? 🙂 and

our huge lunch from Toki Fusion Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant

Kikay Corner with the Mosbeau Philippines team


  1. Anna says:

    Hi Jen! I had to temporarily stop taking all supplements since I am treating my skin allergies right now..

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