The big deal in keeping fit

I once wished that I would always be an XS size until the day I die. It is the most convenient for ladies, really. It is difficult enough to shop for clothes under the same category size, imagine how much more challenging it is going to be when you have to swing by to another size area of the department store, with a whole different set of design in mind. You have to factor in some bulges that needs to stay hidden, that is if you would not want to be an eye sore.

But there is also such a thing called “acceptance”. Before grabbing the latest from the, a lady has got to accept herself and the changes her body goes through. That is a imperative if we’d like to keep a good sense of well being. Otherwise, we’d never keep up with the world’s standard. Although we all have an ideal weight and look, we also have ourselves to love and that’s what’s got to count. 🙂

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