Elianto mineral makeup: Cream Foundation

I should say that I have been very happy with Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation which I have been using for six months now. No caking and smooth coverage. But as a lover of things natural, I have been seriously contemplating on diving into the mineral makeup craze. I tried MMU in the past 5 years, but my skin only loved Babydoll which is no longer being distributed locally. If it ever comes back,  please give me a heads up. I tried another brand but was not all that satisfied.

The previous Elianto Talk About Beauty Event I went to with the loveliest ladies I know in the blogosphere last month introduced us to Elianto’s mineral makeup line. One of which I am really hoping to get to try out is their cream foundation, which is sold for P799 a pop! Yes, it is half the price of my well-loved Mac. In the event that my skin loves this, I am saving a great deal, eh? 🙂

Elianto’s cream foundation mineral makeup is made of ultra fine and incredibly smooth mineral loose powder and it claims to perfectly set makeup for a long lasting coverage. Now that’s something very promising! It also allows gentle touch ups, which I think is very important. It is something that I do very often, with our climate’s unforgiving heat. Hopefully the micronizing technology that Elianto has incorporated in this product will result to the same flawless coverage I have always loved Mac for. Stay stuned and will let you know how it fares. 🙂

Meanwhile, with this quest to shifting to mmu, I have been spending hours upon hours watching over my lcd monitor on tutorials online on how to’s on mmu’s. Am I really ready to stash away my non-mmu stuff? We’ll see..

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