How Does Sunsilk Co-Creations Complete Your Look? Share your Sunsilk style secrets and win a Lenovo Idea Pad

We all know your hair is your crowning glory and agree that bad hair days should be a thing of the past. Everyone deserves beautiful hair and Sunsilk believes that the secrets to beautiful hair shouldn’t be locked behind the salon door. That’s why Sunsilk has worked with the internationally renowned hair experts to create salon-quality products for every girl, whoever she is, wherever she lives, whatever her hair type. The result is the new Best Ever Sunsilk Co-Creations product range, brilliant formulations for all hair types.

Now you, too, can have expert-touched hair without having to fly halfway around the globe or set an appointment at top salons. All you have to do is open a bottle of the new Best Ever Sunsilk to achieve healthy and beautiful hair that is sure to complete your look. (After all, healthy and beautiful hair is the best accessory to glam up any outfit!)

And to make sure everyone shares in your great hair day, you can blog about how the new Best Ever Sunsilk, co-created by hair experts from around the world, has helped you achieve expert-touched & salon-quality hair.

Interested participants should be fans of the Hair Experts Page on Facebook ( and should register by providing the following information on the blog contest registration tab on the Hair Experts Page:

1. full name
2. email address
3. cellphone number
4. blog entry URL (submit multiple URLs if necessary)

Post a blog entry about the New Sunsilk Co-Creations with the title (and central topic) “Only Beautiful Hair from the New Best-Ever Sunsilk Completes My Fashion Statement”. Be sure to include the following tags to your blog post/s: Sunsilk Co-creations, hair experts, Unilever.

Email the URL of your blog post/s to All posts/URLs submitted will be consolidated as one entry. Participants will receive validation of entry after the submissions have been processed. Deadline for submission is on May 31.

All entries will be judged with content, concept, and style in mind. They must be compelling and interesting to read. Additional points will also be given for “popular” posts with link-backs, likes, comments, and reposts.

One lucky winner will take home a Lenovo Laptop Idea Pad s10-2. 5 iPod Nanos will also be given away.

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