Kikay Corner’s newest toy: A Great Wall Peri

My new toy Lady Rouge just turned a month old. Break in – check. First car maintenance for the first 1,000km. – check. I am loving it so far. I don’t think there’ll be a car that would better fit my need. It has the back up sensors and indicator, which can be very handy. I did have to buy a Garmin GPS though, just to make sure I don’t get lost in the streets.

What’s more lovely is that this pretty lady comes with a comprehensive insurance, complete with AOG, which I cannot do without. Especially with what happened to us during the devastating typhoon Ondoy.

Here are the specifications of Lady Rouge, a Great Wall Peri:

1.3L In-Line 4 cylinder
4 stroke DOHC 16V Gasoline
5 speed M/T
Euro IV
Dual Airbag
Electronic Engine Anti-theft System
Keyless Entry
Roof Rail
Rear Spoiler
14” Alloy Mags

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