Manila is ready for summer to leave

The ultimate culprit to people getting sick nowadays is the unforgiving heat. As much as I would rather have our electric bill to stay to a minimum, it’s going to bring us more harm than good if we don’t have the airconditioner on for more hours a day than usual.

And as if that was not enough, it drove us to get a split type airconditioner installed in our living room where my office nook is. Apparently the stand fan and the ceiling fan both on max is not enough to make our place comfortable and conducive enough for work. The sauna feel despite the fans on max has made me sick. With the month of May soon coming to a close, there is not a bit of indication that we will have a cooler weather anytime soon. I’ve read somewhere that La Nina will follow the drought we have these days by July. Which concerns me somehow. The Ondoy flooding that happened to us last September 26, 2009 was one unforgettable disaster that we are all praying we do not have to face ever again.

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