Thrilled to attend Dr. Jart BB Cream’s Launch

This kikay is one thrilled gal. This invite that arrived in my inbox less than a week ago was one welcome event that I can drop any other event for in a heartbeat. Sure I have heard a buzz or two about the raves of some BB cream users and after having read in beauty forums how talked about Dr. Jart’s BB creams are, I knew I just had to try it out for myself. But then again I had to hold my horses. Because the thing is, it was not yet available locally. That is, until now. 🙂

The launch will be tonight. It’s not an open invite so I cannot exactly share the details here. But allow me the whole week next week to work on my take (initial) on the famous Blemish Base brand. I just love to be the bearer of good news. It’s much like discovering diets that work and spreading the word to people who have been awaiting for it for the longest time.

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