Before you go on a swiping spree

One of the things a kikay struggle with is the urgency to constantly replenish her stash of makeup, accessories, even wardrobes! While indulging can be the easiest way to get this urgency out of of our hairs, truth is, retail therapy can be overrated.

First off, kikay or not, we have got to consider our credit standing and even look into our business credit reports before we go on a swiping spree on our plastic credit cards. Always keep in mind that whatever amount that cash register flashes will be money out your pocket. If not today, the coming months. Debts has the ability to give you more stress than any other stress inducing factor can. And stress is the number one enemy of being beautiful – inside and out. 🙂


  1. Nice story.The way you have explained these tips are very attractive.You have combined credit report in such way is very good.Thank You for sharing this story with us.

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