Pool Liner Basics

When setting up a swimming pool, there are many different supplies and materials needed to keep your pool safe, clean, and comfortable for everyone. A few of these include filters, cleaning pumps and systems, and pool liners.

What is a pool liner?

Pool liners, quite simply, are liners that are used to protect the sides and bottom of your swimming pool. They are typically made from a strong vinyl that is also comfortable for the people who will be swimming around and standing on it. With a pool liner in place, you can prevent mold and cracks. They also come in different patterns, so they have aesthetic appeal as well.

How are pool liners installed?

The process involves using a special waterproof adhesive to attach the pool liner to the sides and bottoms of the pool. This is usually included in the price of installation. Above ground pools typically have liners already installed.

How long do they last?

A pool liner is made from resilient material, so it is designed to last for years. Occasionally, a liner may get a rip or tear, but that doesn’t mean that you need to have the entire liner replaced. You can fix minor damage with repair kits. If you find that you do need a new liner at some point, it will need to be replaced by a professional.

How do I take care of my pool liner?

Your pool should have an automatic cleaner that will clean the liner for you, saving you the trouble. This will remove algae, sediment, and any other type of buildup along the sides and bottom of the pool. To clean a liner yourself, the water would have to be drained completely, and the liner would have to be scrubbed out with special cleansers.

Pool liners are essential for keeping your pool looking great.

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