Beauty Products by Nisce

Just before I stepped out of Nisce after hours upon hours of pampering treat, they made sure I get to take home some beauty products with me.  I wasn’t really required to blog about this. But given that I do have positive things to say about it, I might as well have the word out.

First and foremost, my skin did not breakout. I’ve been using them for some weeks now and I could very well say that my skin is loving them all. Second, they are all affordable. See this post for the price list.  Third, these beauty products are formulated by a dermatologist. I have recently undergone some peeling procedure and the Derma Veen is making it bearable for me. They don’t contain sun protection, so I still have to use my trusty sunblock. But the non-greasy moisturizing effect is certainly something I appreciate.

I just approved a recent comment in my inbox asking for my honest to goodness review of a product I used some months back. Watch out for that. I’d gladly squeeze that in between the nuphedragen reviews I’m currently working on. 😉


  1. Patty says:

    Do you know where i can purchase the Nisce clarifying lotion, whitening peeling gel, day cream, night cream and soap. Thank to very much.

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