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This self confessed “kikay” finally tried out one of Flawless’s beauty services early this month – the Easy Peel. For some reason, I’ve always felt hesitant getting my face done in beauty aesthetic places. Sure, I’ll take on spa, scrubs in a heartbeat. But not procedures on my face. But this Flawless first timer was pleasantly surprised that there is a resident doctor to accommodate my concerns as I went to visit Flawless in SM Marikina.

Dra. Faye Candao, SM Marikina’s Flawless resident doctor is one sweet practitioner to boot. She first of all, made me feel at ease and gave me a list of procedures that I can choose from. I am much of a fickle mind that it took us quite a bit before I finally settled on Easy Peel. But she was patient through and through. This for me made a whole difference. Because it totally erased my former mindset (hesistation, if you may) I’ve always had for beauty places, Flawless, for this matter. The most I’ve had done on my face in the last year was when I got hold of my Betty Boop lashes and that was it.

I first asked what would be the procedure that will be done in no time. We thought we’d settle for the Flawless White Injectable (Glutathione). But I later changed my mind. Because a single shot won’t have much of a difference. Although I’m pretty sure to benefit from the anti-oxidant properties, it won’t be enough for me to see anything “review-worthy”  just yet. That is unless I decide to take on a 6 week program of 2 shots per week. That would be a long shot, since I still have a year and a half more to wait until I pay off Lady Rouge.

And because I wanted to try out something that I can see a considerable difference after the procedure and the healing process are done, Easy Peel it is.

The Easy Peel Procedure

– rejuvenates the skin
– erases fine lines
– lifts sagging areas of the skin
– heals and diminishes sun damage
– minimizes pigmentation and acne scars

Seeing the Easy Peel procedure from the Flawless menu of services did not appeal to me at first. It turns out the “easy” on the Easy Peel wasn’t to be underestimated. You know the part in our brain that qualifies and disqualifies what “should” be good and what might be “so-so”. I did want to road test this beauty procedure even as I have some tiny sun spot issues on my left cheek.

The Easy Peel procedure uses Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) which smooths out fine surface wrinkles, removes superficial blemishes and corrects pigment problems. Considerations when undergoing peels that has TCA are:

• Can be used on neck or other body areas
• May require pre-treatment with Retin-A or AHA creams
• Treatment takes only 10-15 minutes
• Preferred for darker-skinned patients
• Peel depth can be adjusted
• Repeat treatment may be needed to maintain results
• Sunblock must be used for several months
• Healing is usually quick, much quicker than with a phenol peel

All medical procedures in Flawless are done by their resident doctors.  You will not be thrown off to random aestheticians, no matter how well trained they may be if it is going to be a medical procedure like this one.  The mixture of the solution and the application of the medicine that was layered on my skin was done by Dra. Candao, no less. This gave me the confidence in Flawless all the more.

The Easy Peel procedure will set you back P3,000. But I’d say, it is well worth it.  My sun spots may not have disappeared altogether. But it definitely lightened a notch or two. I still can’t post pictures as some portions of my face are still on peeling mode.

This Flawless visit definitely reconstructed the way I now look at Flawless Face and Body Clinic and I am sure to go back for another pampering session. Check out the Flawless Facebook Fan Page for promos and updates:-)


  1. Laarni says:

    Thank you for blogging this, dear!

  2. eriqa says:

    hi can i ask how long does it take for the skin to totally peel off? and also how did you look like right after the procedure? also is the peeling so obvious that you wouldn’t want to go out?

    my derma is suggesting this peel and i have work i couldn’t take a leave just for this.


  3. admin says:

    Hi Eriqa! Dra. Candao said for most, peeling takes around a week. It took me a while longer, a couple, if I remember it right. But the worse peeling was during the 3rd to the 5th day. It is when you literally see dead skin fall off. Which I think is a good indication that the procedure you paid for is doing its job. My suggestion would be to have this done on a Wednesday or Thursday if your off days at work falls on Saturday and Sunday. But it will really be worth it. You can manage the peeling phase by moisturizing, so it won’t look so bad. Hope this helps.:-)

  4. […] the deep peel procedure was later applied on my face. Two coatings on my first visit. As opposed to Flawless’s Easy Peel procedure, the Ysa’s Deep Peel procedure was done on installment. So I have been going back and forth […]

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  6. Kat says:

    Hello again!

    Thank you po for answering my queries.

    I’ll just wait na lang muna for the results.

    More power and Godbless! 🙂

  7. admin says:

    You’re welcome Kat! Just make sure you don’t force the peeling of the dead skin. Let them come off by themselves. Otherwise there is a danger of damaging your skin. It’s what my derma/ninang would call “open wound.”

    You might want to subscribe to Kikay Corner’s feed:
    and FB page for beauty updates: http://www.facebook.com/kikaycorner

    God bless you too, Kat! 🙂

  8. AJ says:

    Thanks for writing this post,this was recommended for my acne scars and I have inhibitions taking this procedure bec. I had read a patient who had super red and “nasunog” face, she was instructed to has 2 session of easy peel daw. I go to FF Sta. Lucia but I might try the SM Marikina branch.. =)

  9. yaya bear says:

    Ano yung procedure nung easy peel? I hope you can reply.

  10. Neke Goyenechea says:

    hi there.! i have just done an easy peel @forever flawless here in cebu. is it really required to have a follow up treatment? am i going to pay for it again @ the same price?

  11. Rich says:

    This procedure was suggested by my Derma 6 months ago, pero I was hesitant dahil nga magbablack/brown at magpepeel daw… Finally, I just had my easy peel 2 days ago. And GOD, super painful pala. hehehe. Just imagine the feeling when you ate a buch of “sili.” And now nagbrown na ung face ko at ang kintab, parang plastic itsura and a tight feeling :)I was actually expecting na magbablack na ung skin ko pero hindi nama, light brown lang, I don’t know kung sa next few days ganun sya…

    Admin, I hope you don’t mind answering the question of yaya bear.

    The easy peel comes with a free classic facial, so the procedure starts with a regular facial. Then yung easy peel. And expect it to be painful, as I have mentioned parang kumain ako ng maraming sili, but that will last only for a few minutes naman, sabi nga nila “tiis ganda.” Then after i-apply yung chemical, dermatologist will apply a cream. The cream will ease pain. Then they will you rest for a few minutes then voila you’re done and welcome to the zombie world! 🙂 Sa mga nasa Bandang QC, I suggest Dr. Leilanie Sy.

  12. rix says:

    i’m male. i also had my easy peeling at flawless yesterday (aug 9, 2013) at sm calamba laguna with doctor regina boyles. cost is 3,500.00. i thought it was 3k base on the blogs that i have read. well anyways, it started with a facial cleaning. then the peel afterwards. the reason why i had to undergo easy peel because i have pitted acne scars. but before that i had 3 sessions of power peel at flawless wayback 2006. wala naman resulta hahaha. wala naman akong pain naramdaman with easy peel though my sting sya. i don’t know sa mga nababasa kong experiences nila with tca/easy peel. masakit daw. in my case wala eh. nung inapply na nga ni doc yung first coat sabi ko ayun na yun??? naka 4 coats si doc sken. siguro mataas lang yung pain tolerance ko… sabi pa ni doc wag daw maglagay ng moisturizer??? sunblock lang. kasi kung maglalagay ka daw ng moisturizer hindi daw sya magpeel??? is it true??? wag daw huhugasan ang face within 24 hours. the more na matagal daw ang chemical sa face the more na iaabsorb ito ng skin at mas effective. so until now di pa ako nagwawash ng face. sunblock lang ginamit ko. the doctor prescribed me AHA soap and facial toner. may pinapabili pa nga sken worth 4k hindi ko sya binili… haha. kulang ang dala kong pera besides MASYADONG MAHAL ah. today (aug 10, 2013) is my first day post peel. sunburn looked. di naman nangangati yung face ko. mapula lang sya. may brown akong nakikita malapit sa eyebag area. sa baba ng eyebag… all in all 3,900 something yung nagastos ko… wala naman syang cream na pinabili sken… i bought face moisturizer (celeteque) at watson kahit na sabi ni doc wag daw magmoisturizer… iniisip ko baka magdry yung skin ko… bahala na….

  13. AJ says:

    Hi! I’m SELLING my 2 remaining sessions (package) of Easy Peel at Flawless SM North for only 6k (save 1k)! 🙂 Can’t use them anymore because I’m on isotretinoin now. But the results of Easy Peel on me was very good. 🙂 If you’re interested, you can send me a PM at https://web.facebook.com/aj.gutierrez.56 or call/txt 09309947157. Thanks! 🙂

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