Fragrance Review: Jennifer Lopez Live

J.Lo’s Live is one of my favorites from my current perfume collection. This was a gift the hubby got me for my birthday last year. Live is Jennifer Lopez’s fourth fragrance, launched in 2005. I haven’t encountered any of her previously launched fragrances. But my olfactory bulb is definitely pleased with it.

If there’s anything about fragrances that celebrities nowadays have been launching, it is the fruity floral hint that they seemingly to commonly have. My guess is that it is just about the safest scent to incorporate with, that majority of fragrance loving people will appreciate. J. Lo’s live has the tendency to lean on the sweeter kind of fruity florals. Giving you the cocktail yet energetic feel to it. Kudos to Dominique Ropion for developing another hit fragrance.

The picture above is my less than a year old 100ml bottle of J.Lo’s Live Eau de Parfum. I really ought to rummage into my fragrance collection and do more posts on them in between the food and apidexin reviews I am constantly working on. Live’s packaging cannot be more consistent to the sexy tones it brings out as the scent dries down. Although I am not a fan of the bearer of the name, I do love Jennifer Lopez’s Live.

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