Got buttered up at Beauty and Butter

If you think I’m having the time of my life getting pampered by Flawless and Beauty and Butter lately, then you cannot be more right. After the Easy Peel procedure done on me the week before, my next stop was Beauty and Butter.

with Cheryl Dantes, Shen and Loewen Kho during the June 28, 2010 launch of Beauty and Butter at SM Megamall

Whoever was behind Beauty and Butter couldn’t have thought of a better name. Putting Beauty and Butter together in one brand, that’s just plain genius! Just as butter makes the difference on every dish, there is nothing else to expect but the best of pampering service as you step in Beauty and Butter. That’s just what I had in mind as I was welcomed by the most accommodating “buttercups,” which they fondly call their staff.

After a lovely time at the launch of Canon’s GreenNation campaign, I headed off to do some sweet butter dipping via Beauty and Butter last July 8, 2010. Truth be told, it was one welcome pampering.  After getting a go signal from Lianne earlier that day, I was so ready to go and get my digits buttered up.

Beauty and Butter’s facade gave me a feel of stepping into a kaleidoscope filled television tube. It was totally unconventional, fun and modish with character.  It was utter coolness – reinforcing its name’s magnetic appeal to yours truly.

This counter (above photo) will serve your tired hands and fingers the pampering they deserve. You can choose the simplest of lacquers to the funkiest and hippest designs. Beauty and Butter boasts of their nail art specialty.

The beautiful play of colors of the interior makes for a conducive pampering through and through. Beauty and Butter in Mega B can house more than a dozen clients at a time.

That’s me getting ready to be buttered up! First, I’d have to choose which service to avail. I settled for Hand and Foot Paraffin with Manicure and Pedicure (120 mins).  This will set you back P999.

That’s Merly getting ready to scrub my tiny toe nails off their week long Monroe Red hues.  Behind her are the busy “buttercups” going about their business. 🙂

Jurie was the one who took care of my hands. She used to work as a beauty consultant of L’Occitane for Rustan’s. Sweet! That’s one good credential for someone who’s working in the beauty department. 🙂

Since I came during the off peak hours, a couple of buttercups were available to work on me. That slashed the time I had to to stay in by half, which for me, was very convenient. Because I still had an appointment to catch after. 🙂

The paraffin wax immersion. Now I understand why the hubby underwent paraffin treatment during one of the few sports injury he had in the past. What does paraffin treatment do to your hands and feet anyway? Here are some:

  • Smoother, softer skin
  • Improved circulation, skin tone
  • Relief for sore joints

Apparently the heat (which is nothing intolerable, by the way) from the paraffin opens up the pores the heat from the paraffin opens pores and increases circulation in the skin. The heat that goes into melting the paraffin comes out when it solidifies into a comforting paraffin coating. It then transfers the heat onto the skin being treated. After the dipping phase, my hands and feet were covered with plastic and then mittens to trap the heat inside for less than 30 mins.

This is probably one of my most relaxing hand and feet pampering experience ever.  I’m not sure what I was thinking why I never tried these paraffin treatments before. I am one overworked lady and this is something I honestly can make use of! 😀

No. 22 Blue is my color of choice.

Here is yours truly almost dozing off as I was getting my digits dried up as they sat pretty under Beauty and Butter‘s trusty hand dryer.  I had a lovely paraffin treatment at Beauty and Butter that day and this is something I’m sure to go back to every so often. Check out the Beauty & Butter Facebook Fan Page for promos and updates. 🙂

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