Gotcha: Dove Intense Damage Therapy Conditioner

Dove Conditioner Therapy from the States

When an aunt got this Dove Conditioner Therapy as one of my “pasalubongs” from the States some months ago, I knew I won’t have a hard time giving up my search for a tube of Opal from our local drugstores. I have tried L’Oreal One Minute Conditioner. Yes, the one with Anne Curtis as its image model, it was good for a while and then it was not anymore. You know how it is with shampoos and conditioners, or cosmetics in general, for that matter. You kinda, sorta get immuned to them and you don’t get the same benefits as you first did. That’s what happened to me, I’d say.

Dove Intense Damage Therapy bought from MOA Supermarket

But it is entirely a different story with this Dove Conditioner Therapy. I loved it so much that I practically combed through Megamall last month even before it ran out. From Watson’s, Beauty by SM, to the supermarket section and every single place else, I found none. Just when I thought I would have to get stuck with L’Oreal and Opal One Minute Therapy (Yes, finally found one in Watson’s), I found  the ever scarce Dove Intense Damage Therapy at the supermarket section of Mall of Asia last Wednesday! I was actually looking into getting one of those digital frame but completely forgot about it when I saw the conditioner. 😉

Now, I’m not yet to conclude that it performs as good as its foreign counterpart. The packaging is the same, they shuffled the brand words up front and there are tweaks in the ingredients too. What I hate about having local counterparts is that we are sometimes expected to live with an inferior quality when really good foreign brands make it to local shores. But I’m not saying it yet about the Dove Intense Therapy Conditioner. So far, so good. Not even L’Oreal nor Opal has come close to deliver as well. 😀 Dove Intense Therapy Conditioner retails for P275, give or take.


  1. Elaine says:

    when was this blog posted? ive been searching for this for too long.. is it still available or will i able to find one again?

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