Hand & Foot Spa with Manicure & Pedicure at Beauty & Butter

These cheerful buttercups were the ones that welcomed me in the day I decided to get another pampering from Beauty & Butter in Mall of Asia.   It was actually my first stop on one of my full packed days. I needed to start right, so in I went.

As my throne was yet being prepped, I took the liberty of taking pictures of the interior, which I can’t get enough of. Have you actually seen a beauty place that is half as funky as Beauty & Butter? I highly doubt it. 🙂

Nail Art


I don’t think I’ll get over the fun interior of this place. Whoever conceptualized this look totally got his or her message across! 🙂

That’s Tinay. The bubbly buttercup who pampered my feet (and half of my legs) like I’m a queen.

those pretend chandeliers complement the over all look. 🙂

This is the time when I sunk in to the throne that was set to be mine for a couple of hours. I chose the Hand & Foot Spa with Manicure & Pedicure (P999).

Didn’t I tell you Tinay was cheerful? She’s also good at what she does.  Not a hint of  “ouchie” and that for me is great. That does not happen a lot when somebody else does my nails.

Cris worked on my arms like a real expert. She’s a darling! 🙂

Someone has got to do the dirty job, eh. It has been a month since I last had a foot spa and look what has accumulated thereon.

I also got to tinker on an iPad, no less, as I was killing time until I got my tentacles freed. Teehee! Beauty & Butter patrons who spend at least P500 are given the privilege to tinker with an iPad in the duration of their pampering spree. Sweet! 🙂

That’s Tinay again working on my ingrown (yikes!) and again no ouchies here!

And because these buttercups have gotten me feeling pink inside out, I just had to wear it on my digits. It’s just that I was torn amongst these shades of pink. Cris further indulged me as she painted each one a different shade of pink and decided from there it’s going to be the Shade #123.

Pink UV light? Nah. It’s just a hand dryer that doubles as nail polish dryer. This is one of the few things that sets Beauty & Butter apart from other beauty places. They just won’t settle to do your digits without making sure you’d be happily grazing with perfectly set lacquers.

Needless to say, I left the fab beauty crib, Beauty & Butter with a smile on my face.  I swear my digits would have smiled too, if they just could.  Check out the Beauty & Butter Facebook Fan Page for promos and updates. Thanks to the marketing team behind Beauty & Butter for the pampering! 😀

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