Kikay Corner will visit Flawless later today

Kikay Corner has an appointment with Flawless in SM Marikina later today. After reading quite a few entries of fellow bloggers who have visited other branches as they road tested some of Flawless’ beauty services, I will go with anticipation although I am not very sure yet of what will be the recommended service for me to try out.

I’m not much of a fan of beauty establishments such as these. But given that there are actually doctors who will take care of you when you visit and not aestheticians alone, gives me a sense of confidence in them that I used to not have. Probably because I am surrounded by friend and family doctors who have always discouraged me from patronizing such places.

I happen to believe that this industry has no other way but to improve to give their clients a better options. Pampering is the deal and it is what a lot of us can really make use of. I am even thrilled by the fact that some health and wellness clinics already cater to men and their vanities, enzyte perhaps.  Various beauty and wellness establishments must have sensed the need to cater to metrosexual men.

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