First time at Freshaire salon

One of the many things I do as I devise ways to get everything done on schedule is do more just one thing whenever I leave the house. I left early last Wednesday, I was headed for the Mall of Asia. I have a dinner appointment at Ibayo, so I figured I could squeeze in a couple or more things that I have yet to do. My last Beauty & Butter visit, my overdue visit to the salon to get my hair chopped and the grocery. It’s time to get the pantry replenished and I had that one taken cared of after all the pampering.

I was not really aiming for a particular salon. Since I hardly know the ins and outs of MOA to begin with. So I went to ask a security officer where the salons are. I first went inside Ystilo but the frontliner was too frazzled with one of the customers, so I didn’t anymore bother myself with that. I got inside Freshaire next. It’s my first Freshaire visit. I always pass by their branches around the metro but never really considered getting my hair chopped inside it, until now, that is.

I guess I did not care anymore. I just really wanted to have those ends chopped once and for all. I was already having trouble brushing my hair. The crazy splitters are multiplying by the day! Cherry, the one behind me in the photo above, was the one tasked to get the dirty job done. She has been with Freshaire for 8 years. That always give me a sense of confidence for a hairstylist. I really just told her to trim it as is. But she gracefully handed me a mag and told me choose which one I would like to have done.

So I’d like to go beyond just trimming and my hairstylist was up for it. So she suggested this cut. While I don’t have an ambition that my crowning glory will be as perfect, I was okay with the proposal. It’s just hair.  It’s bound to grow sooner or later.

Cherry was almost done with her masterpiece in this picture and it in no time! I’d say that Freshaire (at least for this branch) must be one underrated salon. I knew I never gave it a second look before. They charge cheap at P130. But it isn’t very hard to be generous with the tip when you love what you see. I was giddy as I can actually brush my fingers through my locks. Finally! I haven’t done that in a serious while. 😉

my new do

I was aiming for the next door waxing salon for my next stop. But nobody was on the front desk and cared enough to go out and check out guests despite the door chimes sound I made. I just decided to head to the grocery and do my not-to- be- forgotten-errand. 🙂


  1. Nikki says:

    Oh my ! your hair looks gorgeous super type ko!!! Love the layers!!!

  2. admin says:

    Aww.. thanks, Nikki! I appreciate the affirmation. Love it too. Have a lovely weekened! <3

  3. Anne says:

    Freshaire SM Marikina offers great service! Whenever my Grandma, Aunts and I go there – we ask for certain persons to do our nails. Ate Winnie (my family’s most preferred manicurist) always does a great job w/ nail art while Ate Lolit is my personal choice ’cause she’s great in foot spa. Also, I recently had my hair dyed in there w/c costed Php 1,200.00 – inexpensive for long hair length compared to other salons. Love that salon, staff were very friendly and accommodating.

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