Beyond Bath Organics pampering experience at The Manila Hotel Spa

It was a lovely night of sweet body pampering at Manila Hotel courtesy of Beyond Bath Organics last July 27, 2010. Never mind if I had to struggle my way in because it coincided with the concert Lettermen had that night. I actually had to Google them up. They apparently are the original boy band of the 60’s, which explains the demographics of the crowd that night. The trouble was all worth it, I should say.

Now, if you happen to have been following this blog for a while, you already know that my leaning is towards everything organic. So when I received the invitation for the Beyond Bath Organics some weeks back, I knew there was no way I was to miss it.

When I got in the lobby of Manila Hotel Spa, I was all ears. I was really pleased that business people are getting into the “green” bandwagon. Either it be out of sheer passion or by mere dictation of the wellness generation we are tagged with, the fact remains that this effort makes both manufacturer and consumer value our environment all the more.

the corner of the very spacious room of Manila Hotel Spa where I stayed for a good hour or so

getting ready for a whole hour of Beyond Bath Organics full body massage pampering

Now, I have tried tons, yes, tons of organic stuff- most of them foreign brands. So having our people from our own land embrace the importance of creating quality products in a sustainable manner for the environment is really impressive. Yes, it took us a while. But here we are!

My therapist, Jonah Rose, started off with a very relaxing Beyond Bath Organics foot spa. She used Beyond Bath Body Scrub and Body Wash.

I swear I could have gone off to dreamland after that body pampering treat.  I especially love the scent of the Nature Glow products that were used on me during the treatment. They very well complemented the massage and I’d say, I love that it doesn’t have to be a one day treat. I have enjoyed every single day I’ve been using the body wash since I got hold of it. 😉

My next concern was if Beyond Bath Organics can actually compete with international brands. This much I can say so far, the Nature Glow Body Wash was actually something else. I love how the moisture in my skin stays. Why, my Bath & Body Works body wash can’t even do that! I know I said I love organic stuff. But with the scarcity of quality but affordable organic beauty brands, I am left to settle for some brands. I have been using this since I got it and I should say I haven’t been this impressed in a long time. If you know me, I can really get lazy when it comes to applying lotion. Truth be told, whenever I use the Nature Glow body wash, I hardly have a need for one anymore.

Beyond Bath Organics Nature Glow Body Wash

The introduction of Beyond Bath to our local market makes for a milestone. Especially so that this particular brand isn’t so scarce like most organic brands I patronize. Beyond Bath Organics is exclusively available at Watsons Personal Care Stores and Beauty by SM Department stores. How more available can a brand get, right?

Beyond Bath Organics products are free of paraben, mineral oil and alcohol. It is also safer and environmentally friendly. The brand has been Eco-certified as organic by Greentech, one of Europe’s recognized authorities in naturally and organically derived cosmetic ingredients via rigorous clinical tests.

My Beyond Bath Organics loot. Thanks! 🙂 The tag on the nifty ornament reads, “This bag charm was especially handcrafted and designed by TRIBE ART for Beyond Bath Organics.”

Beyond Bath Organics products are gently formulated using a combination of the most potent and efficacious plants, herbs, organic ingredients and natural essential oils available in the market. It’s 3 main active ingredients are 1) Sunflower, known for its moisturizing properties (due to its high Vitamin E content) and high amount of anti-oxidants; 2) Inca Inchi seed oil, which effectively blocks oxidation thus help fight signs of aging; it has also been found to be amongst the richest sources of Omega 3 and EFA (essential fatty acids) that is highly beneficial for skin wellness and, lastly 3) Grapefruit, a citrus fruit high in Vitamin C content.

Beyond Bath Organics Nature Glow. That little tag on the body wash reads, “Congratulations! You have just adopted a tree in Eco Park under Bantay Kalikasan’s Adopt a Tree Program! Thank you for  coming to the Beyond Bath Launch held at Manila Hotel Spa on July 27, 2010.” 🙂

Now, I have yet to try out their hair care line. I have tried a couple of organic brands for hair. One of them is Phytocyane. As opposed to what it was supposed to do, my hair responded in complete disagreement – link to my Phytocyane review. But I am hopeful that as impressed as I am with the performance of the Nature Glow body wash, this won’t be the case with Beyond Bath Organics. Watch out for the review on the rest of the Beyond Bath Organics on this page.


  1. Tisha says:

    Hi Jennie,

    Thanks for the nice words. It’s really great to hear that you enjoyed using our products. We have specially formulated Beyond Bath Organics for the filipino market taking in consideration our tropical weather. I have tried other foreign organic products in the past and they don’t always work mainly because its not designed on asian skin and our weather.
    For your hair, I suggest you try the Beyond Bath Organics hair care line. It has sunflower, aloe vera and tea tree extracts which works well even to the most sensitive hair. I can send you samples, just tell me where to. Thanks again.


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