Look who is ready for KL

Although I still plan to download a Malaysian map on my Garmin gps, I went ahead and got a hold of this Globetrotter Travel Guide Malaysia. I got this from National Bookstore the other day for P645. Pretty much the same converted price via Amazon minus the shipping cost. I just love it when our local stores carry foreign brands. 🙂

The original plan was another Boracay getaway just like what we had last year. But we later agreed that the country where Petronas towers are will be our next stop. Who knows maybe next year, we might just have a fancier Branson vacation package vacay. We are still deliberating if we can squeeze in a cross country trip to Singapore while we are at it or just book a different trip for that altogether. Whatever we decide on the plan is to have a short but sweet and fun vacation with my boys. 😉

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