Maybelline Colorsensational in Coral Sunrise

Maybelline Colorsensational in Coral Sunrise

It took me quite a bit until I decided I’d go for this shade.  I would have opted to grab two or three, but since I haven’t tried this particular line of Maybelline just yet, I wouldn’t want to risk it.  My lips have a tendency to dry out, even chap, when I use some brands, especially L’Oreal. Yes, inasmuch as I love the colors and how they last.

Coral Sunrise w/o flash

Coral Sunrise w/ flash

My lips did not chap, all right. I even think there is enough moisture in it that treated my lips all through the time I was wearing it. I also love its packaging. It can pass for one of those spy gadgets in one of the more recent movies I’ve seen. But the down side is, it does not last, at least on me. I had to re-apply a number of times when I was in the Mystery Shampoo event launch last night. And I was only there for a few hours! But given that it feels like a treat to my rather sensitive lips and I actually like its intense pigmentation, I probably might go grab myself a couple more. 😉

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