SM Settles Issue on Price Cheating

Truth be told, shopping is more than just retail therapy.  It is a practical necessity that we do on a regular basis to replenish things that we consume.  For as long as I can remember, my default shopping place has always been SM. I just find it ever so convenient that they carry so many brands that I need and its being practically a one stop shop.

I was taken a back with emails being forwarded talking about SM’s so-called manipulation of price tags. As per these emails, the tag on the items does not reconcile with the cost that reflects on the cash register.

The complaint originates from a particular shopper, who narrated her experience that the price tag did not match the actual price that reflected on the cash register and she had to pay more. SM has since addressed this issue and is currently in the process of fixing the price gaps. I would like to believe that in all the years that SM has been in the business, that this was not intentional to begin with.  In fact, SM has got their lines open for any feedback regarding this matter. As consumers, we should as well be vigilant and our feedbacks, even in this manner would allow establishments to serve their customers better.

As proof, an article via was published testifying that this issue is now settled.

Here’s the URL:


  1. Eloise says:

    I’ll be more careful next time, then. 🙂 I just hope this doesn’t happen again. Sayang the name and heritage that they’ve established for such a long time eh. I’m sure SM can do better.

  2. Bagel says:

    I think that they should put an individual tag price on their items so that consumers will know if they are charged properly.

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