Trying out Ysa Skin Care Center’s Deep Peel Procedure

Rummaging through our stack of gift certificates got me to head over Ysa Skin Care Center in Robinson’s Metro East, right after I got my license renewed in the same mall. The gift certificate is set to expire in a couple of weeks and while I was already there I thought I might as well claim the Deep Peel gift certificate my husband won from the Glutamax contest early this year.

Having had the Easy Peel done on me last month in Flawless, I was kind of expecting the same procedure. Ysa Skin Care Center in Robinson’s Metro East isn’t spectacular. In fact, I find it not very appealing as a first time customer.

This is the lavatory where I was told to wash my face in. Nothing like any of the previous beauty and wellness places I have been to recently. But I would like to think that I have been trained enough to know what should be up on top of my list and this isn’t one of them. The look of the place might mean a great deal to attract customers.  But it is not one of my essentials. I would rather have them do good at what they do. Deliver their claim and they can go on ahead and get lax on their facade. As long as they make sure cleanliness isn’t compromised.

After getting my face washed, I was told to sit on a chair facing this strange thing, which I later figured out was a fan. As opposed to the usual facial treatments I’ve had with other beauty centers where I would be on supine position all throughout the procedure. It was a salon like setting. It may be strange. But it can’t be bad if it serves its purpose. Which it did later. The chemical that was used for the deep peel procedure was later applied on my face. Two coatings on my first visit. As opposed to Flawless’s Easy Peel procedure, the Ysa’s Deep Peel procedure was done on installment. Five installments to be exact. So I have been going back and forth since Monday. The fan that was installed infront of me definitely served its purpose when the sting on my face got more intense as the days progressed.

That’s me right after the first session of Deep Peel Procedure at Ysa Skin Care Center.  They do not have an In-House doctor in the facial center. But I think the staff that are in the place are trained enough to do their job. Another I have observed about the Ysa Skin Care Center in Robinson’s Metro East is I think they are understaffed.

During my second session, I happen to be served at the same time with a 52 year old loyal customer. Aside from our chit chats about pills to lose weight, she kept on raving about how good Ysa is and she has recommended it to relatives who are home from abroad and they are too are satisfied. I don’t know about you, but I love hearing authentic recommendations like that and I saw from the lady’s face that she looks more than 10 years younger. I will do a review later how good Ysa Skin Care Center’s Deep Peel is when the whole procedure and the peeling is done. 🙂


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  2. msdee says:

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  3. tin says:

    were u satisfied with their chemical peeling? is it better than the easy peel uv had from flawless? thanks

  4. ann says:

    hi. wers the continuation of your ysa skin peel review? wnt to now more bout it.. thnks.

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