Beauty Product Review: Nisce Skin ‘N Face Whitening Peeling Gel

And because I loved the Nisce Beauty Products I was handed with during my Nisce Pamper Day with them last July, I could not resist trying out another product – the Nisce Skin ‘N Face Whitening Peeling Gel. I bought it alongside my supply of soap and pearl cream.

The beauty experts from Nisce recommended usage of this product no more than once every two weeks.

What Nisce says it does:

Nisce Skin N’ Face Whitening Peeling Gel guarantees to reveal a smoother and more radiant skin in just seconds. This product is made from a rich combination of plant extracts and a natural whitening formula to provide a fast and effective exfoliant, ideal for the face, neck, under arms, and stretch marks. Simply massage an ample amount of the gel unto the skin for around 60 seconds, and then rinse with water. You’ll see the gel’s gentle yet effective exfoliating action as you massage the product on the skin, visibly revealing the dead skin residues scrubbed away in just seconds.

My take:
As soon as I applied this gel over my face, what appeared to be dead skin cells came right off as I scrubbed away. But my rational mind would tell me too that it might as well just be the gel doing what it naturally does when worked against a surface. Just imagine having a pinch of glue or paste getting worked on a skin. That is basically what the gel appears to do and I find that it was what I look forward to. I even scrub my face as I fool around some karaoke songs. It can be relaxing and kinda, sorta liberating to see all those dirt come off. 🙂

So far, no visible lightening was brought about yet by the product on my skin. But I’m not saying altogether that it is not effective. I have yet to try it on the few pregnancy battle marks a.k.a. stretch marks I have left. Will have yet to post a review on that. It is priced at P550 and because I have only good words for the other products I have tried by Nisce, this has got to work somehow. I’m posting another review on Nisce Skin ‘N Face Whitening Peeling Gel next month as I get it tested on my battle marks. 😉


  1. elizabeth siao says:

    where can I purchase the product of Nisce (whitening cream)

  2. Mrs. Kolca says:

    Hello dear! Just dropping by here today. Thanks kanina huh. Wink*

  3. lynn says:

    hi my sisther got me this nisce cream but i dont know how to use it,can you tell me how to aplay it to may face i have the set but my problem is i dont know how to use it.

  4. haydee says:

    is the product available here in cebu? because im here at cebu city…where can i buy that product? thanks

  5. virginia says:

    where can I buy your face cream product? I would like to try them. Please let me know.

    Where can I buy nisce products? I would like to try them. Is there any samples to see if it will work on me. Please let me know, n thanks.

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