Benefits of Glutathione

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Apparently, the skin whitening that Glutathione does to our skin is just a side effect. Glutathione is packed with things good for our body. Some of which are:

  1. anti-oxidant
  2. helps protect cells and tissues
  3. anti-ageing effects
  4. treat blood disorders
  5. detoxify the liver
  6. makes skin smooth and rosy
  7. maintains clear vision
  8. boosts the immune system
  9. free radical scavenger
  10. protects us against the effects of pollutants
  11. reduces blood pressure in some people
  12. prevents clot formation
  13. helps the liver to function well
  14. recommended for patients undergoing chemotherapy
  15. good for people who smoke
  16. good for people who exercise

That is quite a list. If it did have strongest appetite suppressant in it, it would have been perfect. But then again, with all the health benefits, especially giving the immune system a boost, we really should not ask for more.  Most beauty and wellness clinics have their Glutathione injectable at the rate of P2,500. This is the perfect time to avail of Flawless’ Power of P999.


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