Four Mesoestatic Peels to Choose From

Avail of Flawless’ Power of 999, they are now on Week 3, offering their Mesoestatic Peel for P999, from October 22-28, 2010 only. This is in celebration on the 9 week countdown to December 8, 2010, which is the 9th anniversary of Flawless.

There are 4 Mesoestatic Peels to choose from:

1. Glycolic Peel – treatment of lines, wrinkles and photoaged skin.
2. Lactic Peel – ideal for sensitive skin, treatment of wrinkles and photo-aging.
3. Mandelic Peel- lightens skin with hyperpigmentation.
4. Salcylic Peel – treatment for acne-prone and oily skin.

As having tried a couple of Flawless’ peeling treatments myself, I can only vouch that it is can be as good or even better than the best deep wrinkle cream you have ever tried. I especially love it that they have medical practitioners in their clinics to do the treatments themselves. 🙂

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