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Nine months since KSA Magic sent this loot and I still have the Lightening Scrub, Cologne and the Hair Treats All in One. As for the soaps, we finished them all by last month. My husband loved the feel of the soap on his skin. I do too. 🙂

The KSA Magic soap variants we received were: Glutathione Soap with Grapeseed, Kojic Soap with Placenta and Glutathione and Placenta Soap with Glutathione. The supply was more than enough for one household to last us months. Aside from the bath, I also made sure one is beside my Kohler kitchen faucets. The skin caring ingredients KSA Magic has are friendly to my skin. No irritations in all the months I used it.

As for the lotion that I only got to try once or twice, it did not feel greasy as I would want my lotion to be. And as far as my olfactory senses can remember, it really smelled good. It must have been so good that my dear husband practically monopolized it. He is more of a lotion user than me. I will soon have the lightening scrub to test now that my dead sea salt scrub has run out. And also the Hair Treats. I love that the ingredients they use are natural. Will let you know how they will both fare! Check out www.ksamagic.com for more of their beauty products. 🙂


  1. Lianne says:

    We discovered KSA Magic Soap when me & my daughter were at a local supermarket & we saw that it was on Buy 1 Take 1 promo. What we bought was the pink one with Grapeseed Extract & Glutathione. When we first used it, we instantly discovered its difference from other soaps because after washing, the skin doesn’t feel tight & dry unlike the usual feeling with other soaps. It also has that pleasant & mild fragrance and when one is lathering it on the face, it feels creamy & soft.
    My daughter is 13 years old, and just like any teenager, having pimples is a common thing. I’ve bought her all kinds of soaps & all sorts of creams & toners but none of those helped clear her pimples. I, although I’m in my mid-30’s, have pimple breakouts too from time to time. But after we’ve used the KSA Magic Soap for a couple of weeks, our face were cleared of pimples & our skin looks clearer & much much smoother than ever before. Now that we’ve discovered KSA, we will never switch to any other face soap or wash ever again. Recently,I went to the supermarket again & bought 5 packs (still on Buy 1 Take 1 promo ) of the pink variant. We’ve also tried the violet one (with Kojic) & the green one (with Placenta) but it’s still the one with Grapeseed extract that’s the best for us. Thanks Glowcal for developing such an effective soap. We just hope that you’d come up with a matching toner for it ( also with grapeseed of course).

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