Obagi Celebrates 11 Years of skin care success

When Beautynomics.com herself, Sophie Uy, invited me to the House of Obagi event, I knew that there was no way I will miss that for the world. I have heard a lot of great things about the brand and it was a privilege to be given a glimpse of what The House of Obagi was made of from the expert themselves.

Aimee Demarais, the international trainor for Obagi products talked about the expertise of Obagi when it comes to skin care and essentially the very reason why they deliver. It is plain to see that there is no other generation that is more bombarded with hosts of beauty products than ours. It is then very important to look closely at the products that we use. As opposed to taking care of the root of the problem, what most products do is superficially cover skin issues which explains why skin problems go from bad to worse once you stop a regimen.

Aimee reiterates that Obagi products transform the skin on a cellular level. This got me to look more closely and consider giving it a shot. And when she headed on to discuss about Obagi Professional-C Serum, I was all ears. You see, I have been pretty curious about this Vitamin C Serum a friend has been raving about and this discussion came in just in time for me to try out the best of ’em all, at least from the feedback that I’ve read across different races.

“For every skin care need, there is an Obagi solution.” Don’t you just love the confidence in that line? I do. And it did not have to take me a day to decide. I got myself a bottle of Obagi Professional-C Serum 15% from Trinoma later the same day.  I will be posting more on this particular Obagi product soon.

with Aimee Demarais, International Trainor for Obagi and Jeff Sinclair, Director for Asia Pacific Sales for Obagi

Obagi is one of the most recognized names in skin health care and also the preferred choice of physicians all over the world for prescription-strength product lines. Two of the reasons I am all giddy to share how it will transform my skin in the coming weeks and months.

Obagi Condition & Enhance System

I willingly dropped my beauty regimen in favor of this particular Obagi line that they gave during the event and the Professional-C Serum 15%. I started the same day, October 11, 2010. The Condition & Enhance System, launched in 2006, is designed to enhance the results of all facial procedures including: BOTOX® Cosmetic, Dermal Fillers, Dermal Fillers, IPL & Laser Treatments, Chemical Peels and Facial Surgeries. This is perfect because I recently underwent deep peel procedure.

Here is much I can say, Obagi got me at Step 1,  Gentle Cleanser. My skin felt so smooth as soon as I got the cleanser rinsed off my face. I was giddy! I have a feeling I’m going to love this. But will have to stop getting ahead of myself. I will let you guys know how it’s going to work out for me. Until then. 🙂

Meanwhile, here are some photos with fellow bloggers.

with Michelle of Mrs. Martinez Raves and Rants

with Shen of ShensAddiction.com

with Liz of Project Vanity and Sophie of Beautynomics.com

with Tara of Chronicles of Vanity

House of OBAGI

Tel. 81-OBAGI
Trinoma 916.6564
Alabang Town Center 659.1600


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    Thank you for the photo, love 🙂 Ang dull ng skin ko pag katabi kayo!!! Hehe.

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