Trying out Elaine Petrone’s Miracle Ball

It was in mid September when I felt an unbearable pain on my back. The same problem area that I took chiropractic sessions for several years ago. The pain was so bad that there was no way I can lie down on supine position without feeling a pain that was way worse than the labor pains I had when I was about to give birth. It was that bad. I would lie down on my tummy but would wake up in the middle of the night crying whenever I accidentally roll on my left or lie down on my back.

It was then that I contacted Sophie of The sweet soul that she is,  responded almost instantly despite the fact that she was then overseas and was busy. I remember her sharing a link via one of the social networking sites we are in when her scoliosis was really bad.  It was then that I ordered Elaine Petrone’s Miracle from Janis, the same person Sophie bought her Miracle Ball from.

Let us just say the Miracle Ball kinda, sorta forced me to get my butt on to finally heeding to my body’s call for workout. The exercises are more of relaxation. A lot of the exercises reminds me so much of the principles that were imparted to us by Chiqui Brosas-Hahn during one of our Prepared Childbirth class. Although this is nothing like that of the fat burner workouts I was planning to do, I’m nonetheless glad that I got to do this.

Elaine Petrone is the creator of the Miracle Ball Method. She works at the Stamford (Connecticut) Hospital Rehabilitation Center and with private patients.

Thank God, I am currently not in pain anymore! I cannot say for sure that this worked for me to alleviate the pain. Because I used Nikken Magboy too before The Miracle Ball that I ordered arrived to our house. The Magboy was just sitting on my dresser for several years now and I just thought of using it. The pain altogether left the day after I used it. But I’m using the Miracle Ball nonetheless as it takes care of my overall body stress when I need it.

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