HTC Launches HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z

As a satisfied HTC user myself since August of this year, I was thrilled to witness the unveiling of HTC’s brand new Android-based smartphones – HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z last November 23, 2010. While a considerable bunch are into Android nowadays, we might as well stick with the company that makes the best Android Phones, right?

First off, just a few facts that you probably didn’t know about Android:

  • HTC was the first manufacturer to launch an Android phone
  • Android Market has more than 70,000 apps available with over 1 billion downloads to date.
  • The Android email application supports unlimited accounts.
  • Android can run multiple applications simultaneously.

I personally love the HTC Desire Z. It fits my tiny hand just right with its trusty QWERTY keyboard for fast and convenient typing. The HD video that comes with it will be a lovely upgrade from my humble Wildfire. But even as humble as my Wildfire is, I love that its 5.0MP camera takes great photos, even macro ones that even Apple phones can’t beat. You have to check my FB mobile photo album here and here, where I upload photos straight from my phone. Look Ma, hardly any pixel showing! That is just the plain truth.

HTC Ambassador Rhian Ramos holding the HTC Desire Z and HTC Phils. Country Manager Mark Dewey Sergio with the HTC HD. I cannot help but notice how prettier Rhian is in person than on tv or even print. In person, she looks like a goddess. And the hair! The hair! I would have squeezed myself in the crowd to score a beauty tip or two and maybe ask her about best shampoo for hair loss if I could. Her locks are totally gorgeous! I digress.

Meanwhile, Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation said, “We are excited to be taking the HTC Sense experience beyond the phone to a whole new level with a series of connected HTC services we call Our customers will value the holistic approach we’re taking to enhance their mobile experience. This customer-first philosophy has resonated with people buying HTC phones and this drives us to continue introducing new innovative smartphones like the HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z.”

Desire HD and Desire Z users can simply manage their mobile phone experience from their HTC phone or personal computer. Here’s how:

1. locate a missing phone by triggering the handset to ring loudly, even if it is set to silent, or to flag its location on a map.

2. If the phone’s been lost or stolen, users can remotely lock the phone, forward calls and texts to another phone, send a message to the phone to arrange its return or even remotely wipe all personal data from it.

3. makes it easy to setup a new HTC phone or access archived mobile content such as contacts, text messages and call history from a PC browser.

4. People can also customize their phones with exclusive HTC content like wallpapers, HTC scenes, sounds or plug-ins.

HTC Desire Z is now available at all authorized resellers at a suggested retail price of P32,000. While HTC Desire HD will be available at authorized resellers from end of December onwards with a suggested retail price of P35,000.

Really, there is nothing not to love with HTC. I can see an upgrade to HTC Desire Z looming in time for the holidays. 🙂

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