KSA All in 1 Hair Treats

It was in February this year when I received the KSA All in 1 Hair Treats as part of the massive KSA Magic loot I was handed with by my blogger friend, Iris of PinayAds.com. With so many hair products I have lined up in my toiletries closet, this, naturally, ended up at the far end of the queue.

It was only recently that I discovered that it is probably the best shampoo ever! All right, that sounds lot like one of those local shampoo commercial. But it really is! At least for me. I’ll tell you why. After having had my hair rebonded, there was no way I was stepping out of the shower without getting my hair conditioned. That is just plain hair suicide, if you ask me. That is the one thing about getting hair treatments like rebonding. You will  have to condition like crazy. But when I started with KSA Magic All in 1 Hair Treats, there was barely any need for conditioning at all. That is probably why it is called, All in 1 after all. I loooove it!

When I saw the ingredients consisting of: Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Aloe vera, Virgin Coconut Oil, D-Pantenol, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Fragrance, I already knew we were meant to be. No SLE and SLES. Two of the ingredients I try very hard to avoid in my household.

Because I got my first bottle for free, I had no clue how much it retails for.  Although with its excellent performance, it should be pricey. Or so I thought.  Surprise! Surprise! The KSA Magic All in 1 Hair Treat only costs P120 per bottle.


  1. abby says:

    oooh, this sounds promising! i have rebonded hair as well, and i very much know what you meant when you said that there is absolutely no way that one can get out of the shower without using conditioner.

    thing though, where can this be purchased? i checked both the grocery (shopwise) and department store (MOA), and didn’t find it. =(

  2. admin says:

    Hello Abby! There are KSA Magic kiosks scattered around the malls. So far, I’ve been to two – the one in Sta.Lucia Mall (2/F Grandmall) and SM Bicutan. I don’t think KSA Magic products are available in grocery and department stores.

    By the way, I just bought another bottle. They changed their packaging. 🙂

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