Elianto’s Week 6 Bestsellers of Christmas

Despite the holiday rush, Elianto’s Week 6 – 50% off on Nail Care is something I made sure I rushed back to the mall for! I have practically given away all imported nail polish brands I have for Elianto. I have over dozen of colors of exclusive Elianto nail polish and this is the one chance that I can get the colors I have for cheap!

I love Elianto’ nail polish more than any other brand. Save of course for O.P.I. which is not as affordable and available from where we are. If there is one beauty item, save for scents, that I have collected ever since I can remember, it is nail polish bottles. I have started to have my own bag filled with nail care kit when I was in middle school. I might as well have collected something as major as that of a point of care cart if I did not stop when I got a little too overwhelmed when I was a first time mom. I don’t know about you, but I just got myself a whole bunch while the 50% off label is still on. 🙂

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