M&S China Blue Floral Collection

As much as I would like to veer away from non-natural toiletries in our bathroom, my more recent trip to Marks & Spencer pulled me to its Bath and Body section. Specifically towards the China Blue Floral Collection.

Admittedly, there are a handful of Marks & Spencer scents that come as a little too matronly for me. Like their Rose collection, for instance. But that’s just me. China Blue did not give any of that hint to my descriminating olfactory sensors. It is my new M&S favorite. The dry down, non overpowering scent works for me.

I figured I was not alone in my partiality towards M&S’s China Blue.  Their Moisture Rich Shower Cream and Hand and Nail Cream were the last ones in stock. But I’m good with it. I love it so much that it doesn’t exclusively stay in the bath alone. You’ll even find it atop my kitchen sink. I am hoping to get hold of the China Blue 3 in 1 Body, Room and Linen Spray on my next visit. 🙂


  1. MrsMartinez says:

    Hello Jenni!
    Hindi ko nakikita itong China Blue baka super bango kaya laging ubos hehe I often buy the rose scented lotion or soap for my late granny. Na miss ko tuloy siya nun nabasa ko itong post mo.


  2. admin says:

    Michelle! It really is the lone scent that I got attracted to during my last visit. Yung iba kasi familiar na ako and I can do away without purchasing them kahit may mga type akong scent sa dami kong pabango sa bahay. Pero China Blue, I cannot resist! Go check it out sometime. 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Is China blue back oh thats great it went away for a while and i was sad it’s one of the few sents i can use as i have slightly acidic skin and it’s one of the few non musk sents that does not smell odd on me i will have to wander over to M&S the next time i’m in town.

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