My favorite organic lipstick

When I blogged about my certified lead-free lipstick in 2008, I said that I have been using it for four years then. Making it 7 years now. Sure, I still buy lip stain and lipstick that I fancy. But this is the one lipstick that I cannot do without. Why, I can even sleep in it and not worry about it causing my lips to darken or whatnot.  The packaging of this herbal lipstick is so cheap, you actually can mistake it for one of those cheap China cosmetics in that are all over our tiangges. Think again! This cheap looking lipstick costs no less than P600 (approx. $14). I was surprised myself. Because if I remember it right, the last time  I bought my previous one, it was just around P450 something.

Contains beeswax blended with herbal and flower extracts that help maintain the redness and moisture of lips. Long lasting. Non-darkening. Four shades to choose from.

This organic lipstick is exclusively distributed by BioEnzyme Plus. And as fail as its packaging is compared to the usual ones we find in the store, I keep coming back to buying my supply anyway. For one, I was never exactly the “norm” girl.  I really would rather a product does its job even if is as plain looking as this.

I just thought I’d blog about it even as I recently bought my supply. In brown, this time. I totally appreciate the fact that even if I have been under the weather for a good many days now, I can get away with having non-cracked lips with the help of organic and healthy cosmetic choice like this all natural lipstick. My lips are always the first to go as a tell tale sign that my immune system is down. This organic lipstick and its vitamins to do their job of taking good care of my lips. 🙂


  1. Bea says:

    I don’t mind the packaging. It still looks pretty to me. Hehe. I’m not a lipstick user but as long as it’s organic, I’m willing to try it. 🙂

  2. miriam says:


    Is there full list of he ingredients up somewhere, or on the package of the product (if there is, would you mind listing it?)

    Thank you very much!

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