Asian Tropic’s Radio Frequency Body Sculpting Treatment

I believe I have seen Ensogo’s deal on Asian Tropic’s Radio Frequency Body Sculpting Treatment for weeks already. With having too much work on my shoulders I can only but peep on some clickable blurb links and close the tab thereafter. That was until some three days ago, just before this deal ended.

An 88% discount is not at all bad if you happen to be looking into undergoing the Radio Frequency procedure anyway. I bought ten vouchers for P480 each and on top of the already huge discount, I got a 7% discount courtesy of my BDO credit card. Woot! 🙂 Do the math: P480x10 coupons = P4800 -336 (7% discount -thanks BDO). I only paid P4,464! I love that I can pay via PayPal. That means I can not only make use of my PayPal money, I also do not need to divulge my credit card number. Sweet! 🙂

The first and only time I underwent radio frequency treatment around my tummy was in May 2009 via Fucoidan Wellness Center. I lost 1.5 inches after the treatment. Now, more than the inches, I am more concerned about the subcutaneous body fat (okay, cellulites it is) that I am starting to sport these past months.

My appointment is set and I am hoping to come back with a good report to share. With the influx of these coupons being available in the market, I think it is not only good for us consumers to get the best deal for our money. It also forces brands and companies to keep their quality good enough to compete with the rest of the fish in the sea. Deals from buffet lunches to bow ties, signature dresses to medical procedures, be it invasive or otherwise. Before this RF coupon from Ensogo, I also bought vouchers for Oceanarium. Which I intend to use for our “field trip.” For the benefit of those who do not know – we are a homeschooling family. Anyhoo, Asian Tropics RF treatment vs. my subcutaneous body fat, coming soon



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  2. rd says:

    how was the radio frequency treatment? thinking of buying one but i’m still not sure.:|

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