Cravings: Give in or Ignore?

What do you crave for the most?

One thing I often crave for is chocolate. For me, there’s something about chocolate that just relaxes me and makes me feel better no matter how stressed I am. For others, it can be ice cream, or cake, or even worse, junk food. According to literature, one reason we crave for particular types of food is because our bodies are sending signals that these are the nutrients or chemicals our body needs for a one reason or another. However, what happens is that we end up picking the wrong types of food to give us those nutrients. Thus leading to weight gain and other not-so-nice side effects (such as pimples…eeew.)

When we have cravings, there are two things we can do: give in or ignore. However, many times that doesn’t work well for us. Because we ignore so much, we get cranky. At times, we give in too much, so we get fat and sick. What is important, I would think, is to find good ways to suppress appetite/cravings for the wrong things. Things we can do include:

1. Drinking lots of water.
2. Finding better alternatives (i.e. fruits)
3. Giving in to the craving IN MODERATION

These three steps alone can make a big difference in curbing our cravings. 🙂

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