Much abuzz about Nita Negrita

Recently there has been a lot of talks about a new television show coming out in one of the local stations about a “negra” or dark-skinned girl. It caused a lot of stir in various social media networks and across the blogosphere. Although I may do blog about beauty products and how to enhance our looks, I think it is important to remember one thing about what beauty really is: it is more than meets the eye.

For one, we don’t really need all these whitening aids, hgh supplements and surgical procedures, right? We need to be able to foster a positive body image rather than just keep complaining about what we were born with.

We can find alternative ways to enhance our physical attributes, after all. For example, we can chose colors for our clothing and make up that will complement our skin tone. Secondly, for extra height, we can use shoes that do offer such a lift, and this need not to be four to five inch heels. Most of all, we can maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to make sure we are always radiant Yes, our beauty products can help with making our outward appearance look better, but if we have no beauty in the inside, it will never be complete.

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