Product Review: e.l.f. Natural Eyeshadow Palette

Natural Eyeshadow Palette by e.l.f. caught my attention primarily because I am more of neutral eye girl, that is if I would at all squeeze in some extra time to apply makeup. My eyes go color less more often than not. Lazy days. Second is because I love e.l.f.  The size is also perfect to fit in your purse. All for the price of P249.75 (approx. $6)

Since my favorite Brightening Eye Quad in Butternut (by e.l.f. still) ran out, I thought I’d give this palette with 6 shades a try. It was actually my first time to finish an eyeshadow in all my thirty plus years. Late bloomer in the house. 🙂

As much as I love e.l.f. products in general, I particularly find two shades of this six eyeshadows chalky. Particularly the white and the gold shades. I am deeply disappointed with the white shade, which should serve as the highlight. It has practically zero pigmentation. It is too powdery with chunks of glitters and that’s just about it. I love that the gold is very sparkly. It’s a good party shade but can be somewhat chalky. But nothing that a good base or primer can’t solve. I could easily do away with that tiny brush that comes with the palette and the equally tiny mirror. Both of which are not in any way functional with the palette for my taste. I use the brush for my brows instead. I lost the one the comes with my eyebrow kit and it does its job right there but not in this palette. As for the four other colors, I find them creamy and pigmented enough. For its price I still find this palette a bargain. Just make sure to use a good base with careful application to prevent fallout

Finding good quality eyeshadow palette can really be a treat. It must be a lot like when you buy gold online and you are certain that its no dud. The opening of this eyebrow palette proved to be a challenge at first. I had to go figure how it works. I swear, if I had to linger on doing that I would have knocked it on the wall altogether. I guess I expected more from e.l.f.’s Studio Line, which I believe this palette belongs to. But then again, I get exactly what I paid for in that aspect. But I believe that at the end of the day, with four pretty eyeshadow shades that are just my color, although they have a tendency to be on the powdery side, it is still a good buy. 🙂


  1. isea says:

    i just got this palette, too. the pigmentation really is disappointing but the colors popped when i “foiled” it over petroleum jelly. haven’t tried foiling with water but that should work, too. i’m mostly disappointed because i thought “natural” = good for day wear. oh well.

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