Walk in closet soon?

Like most kikay girls, it is my dream to have a walk in closet, complete with all the glitz and glamor.  I’m actually currently working on that even as we plan to have the second storey of our house built soon. This has kind of gotten me hooked on browsing through Ideabooks of one of my favorite iPad apps, Houzz.  Then by it one of those make up bureau’s with nice lighting and amazing mirrors…wonderful. *wispy eyes*.

Hmmm….I wonder if my hubby can work on something like those automated yet energy saving smart home systems..haha. I wish. Of course for space confined mere mortals like us (aka most kikay girls), we have to make do with what we’ve got, right? But then again, we were able to pull off a bath tub in a mere 48sqm when we got our house built some 4 years ago. So I guess a walk in closet is not all that impossible for our next home project. 😉

But first things first. I can start by making sure I weed out my beauty supplies, as well as our closets. This way we can maximize the potential of every single thing we have available. Also, I should not forget to throw out old stocks or supplies we have hanging around our bureau. Even if we think make up doesn’t expire, it’s gotta go after some time. Also, by tapering down, we are able to focus on what is essential after all. 🙂


  1. Bea says:

    This is actually one of my dreams. I have so much kalat that I wish there was a way to store all of them in a room. A walk-in closet seems to be the best solution. Haha!

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