Flawless Shape & Sculpt review

One of the perks of blogging, beauty blogging for that matter, is you get updated with promos as they come. And when they do and you know it’s something you can make use of, you grab it. When I learned about Flawless’ Shape & Sculpt, I did not actually think it was something that I will avail of. I am not exactly on the heavy side, but there were some problem areas I have always wanted to be “taken cared of.”

Last week, I availed of the Shapes & Sculpt Treatment at 60% off. It was mid of 2009 when I started noticing my skin turning a little dimply on the thigh area. It was during the time I stopped working out. Before that, I religiously worked out from January to March 2009 and then I got too busy. Aside from working from home, homeschooling came in and squeezing working out was next to impossible. So when this Shapes & Sculpt Starter Treatment was offered at such a steal, I knew I just had to try it for myself. I am a fan of non-invasive stuff.

My favorite Flawless aesthetician, Cams, preparing the radio frequency pad with RF lotion

Here’s a fact: Since I lost those extra ten pounds I gained from my depressed years in college (thanks to the three day diet that I learned from Mary Prieto’s Philippine Star column), my weight has since stayed within the 98lb – 104lb range. Not bad, I know. It has been that way since 2000. Save of course, for the time that I was prego. My heaviest then was 126lbs. I am one tiny human being. I concur that it really isn’t much of a weight problem, it’s the persistent subcutaneous fats lingering within me due to lack of toning exercises. Plus, of course the fact that time is working its way against my otherwise aging bodily functions. I used to eat whatever I want and it used to not show. I really can’t count on that much anymore, can I?

the nifty machine that took care of all 3 procedures

So there. I went in and had my favorite Flawless aesthetician work on me during the procedure. Flawless Shape & Sculpt makes use of a ground breaking 3-in-1 advanced technology in a synergistic system via Cavitation Ultrasound, Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Interference Frequency. These three procedures are combined to effectively eliminate fat and improve muscle tone, which are the very things I need to have done to address my subcutaneous issues.

These are all that I can take pictures of during the procedure since I was pretty much in prone position for a good one hour. As I mentioned in my rave here, I was beyond thrilled when I saw a few hours after the procedure that my thighs were free from ripples! There is no way I am exaggerating this since I am not paid by Flawless for this post. I am just one happy client. Now I’m not sure if hcg platinum or any other diet pill for that matter, will give me that fast result. I am so loving Flawless’ Shape & Sculpt – and yes I went back for another this week and am actually deliberating on that meso stuff for my macho arms! 🙂


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  2. ann says:

    hello sis just want to ask how much does this shape and sculpt procedure cost per session?

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