Hello Summer, Hello Sassa! – Sassa’s Summer Collection 2011

Ever since I have tried Sassa Activewear in 2009 and figured it is one of those brands that fit me best, I have always looked forward to collections that they usually launch in time for summer.

Sassa’s 2011 Summer Collection is rife with trendy prints and stylish cuts in dainty, bright and happy colors, just like what Summer is meant to be. Gertier Hermanos, resident designer for Sassa says, “My inspiration for the collection this year was paint, lots of bright colors of paint and abstract paintings, too. Summer is such a bright and cheery season, I just wanted to put the same kind of vibrancy you find on a hot summer day on the collection.”

What makes Sassa’s swimwear line extra special is that they have UV protected rash guards, which I think I’m personally going to get hold of for our trip to Davao and Bohol this summer. While I love to spend some fun time at the beach, I’m totally against the sun’s rays. This will perfectly reinforce the gunk of sunscreen protection that I am to slather me and my boys during our summer vacay.

Sassa Rashguard #997 retails at P699.75 is by far my winning pick and I am going to grab a hold of soon. I so love to play with my son on the beach but totally want to not get toasted by the sun. The UV protection of Sassa swimwear’s rashguard is perfect for me!

“We’ve made offering our Summer line in collections that are in colors and cuts that are complimentary to each other, something our customer can count on. This way its easy to get some pieces from one collection, match it with another and just let their creativity make their own fashion statement. Sassa becomes a partner in making you look good in your own signature way,” Rossana L. Unson, Marketing Manager for the brand shares.

I love that there is an all Filipino brand like Sassa Activewear that can compete with the more pricey and imported brands. I have a few pieces of Sassa swimwears and I love how it fits just right and have not deteriorated on me through the years. Sassa swimsuits are made of material that does not lose elasticity like other brands do – yes, even when stored for months. The fabrics they use are all chlorine tested so they won’t fade when exposed to the sometimes harmful combination of sun and chlorine.

This is why the Sassa swimsuits that are in my wardrobe are as good as they were when when I first got them. Now comes my goal of getting rid of some extra flab here and there. Maybe adapexin-p might help. But exercise is something I have to regularly do from now on. Bring it on, Summer!

Sassa swim and active wear are available in the following department stores: The Landmark Makati & Trinoma; Robinsons Departments Store; SM Hypermarket; Metro Market Market and in many department stores nationwide. Check out www.sassa.com.ph or look for Sassa Activewear on Facebook and like!


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