My Hair’s New Love: Zero Frizz 100% Rescue

In all of my years of being active in social media networks, Twitter is the one platform that I don’t find very friendly. I have had my Twitter account for years but have only been visible on Plurk 99% of the time that I’m “social networking”. That was, until last week when I had to figure out my way on Twitter because I cannot miss a convo with my dear friend, Michelle. Yes, that’s you xoxo Mrs. Martinez! 🙂 I was busy figuring out what the best Twitter App for iPhone was when I chanced upon a tweet in my timeline. Divasoria featured one of the blogs I followed for a time, Tina Tagle’s blog. Her blog is now MIA. I also chanced upon her blog via a link shared by a friend on Plurk a few months ago. Social Networks rock, eh?!  And now I have Twitter, Divasoria and Tina Tagle to thank my new mane for. 🙂

I was willing to try anything to save me from my everyday, bad hair day predicament, so when Tina Tagle shared with Divasoria about Zero Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner and how she swears by it,  I knew that was my next purchase when I hit Rustan’s. My locks are making me crazy as it is and trying anything, I was willing to do. Six months since I had it rebonded and already officially out of sorts! It’s practically bad hair day for me more than half the time – until this! I’d have to say, Schwarzkoph (whoa! That was a challenge to spell) should pay Tina Tagle some commission of sorts for the reco for I’m sure ladies will follow suit. That is if they can at all afford her. Teehee!

As per habit, I will have to post another review in a month or two. I have learned that with shampoos and conditioners, they have this tendency to be good during the first week or so. It isn’t as easy as doing tv reviews. Great first impressions of shampoos come about possibly because of the clarifying effect of changing brands. This is especially true when your hair has been heavy with build up from your current shampoo. This is also why even experts suggest changing shampoos from time to time. But for now, I am so loving Schwarzkoph’s Zero Frizz with my hair’s each and every rebonded strand.


  1. Bea says:

    I want something like this but I’m afraid if the stuff’s very powerful my hair is going to go limp. XD

  2. admin says:

    Hi Bea. So far, it’s gentle to my hair and no bad hair days since. It’s like my hair’s magic potion. I switch back to my old shampoo and my hair goes out of sorts in an instant. Sana wag magbago. It’s not very pricey too. Akala ko ang lahat na mahirap na i-spell na brand eh bongga ang mahal.:)

  3. anonymous says:

    hi, how much po and san to nabbli? thanks

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